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If a Wicked Man



Author: John Lawson and John Sealy

Publisher: Penstock Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9947138-3-4

Format: 165 x 245 mm softcover

Pages: 252

Price: R250,00

New York Times bestselling author, Anne Perry writes:

This is the true story of how one man, immersed in a world of crime and violence, found a turning point in his life in the most unlikely of places – his prison cell. It was a radical change that forced him to admit for the first time in his life that he was lost and headed for destruction. Nothing fundamental is easy, but this story proves that change is possible, even for those written off by society.                                                                                                                                               

If A Wicked Man is told faithfully, in simple language and with no excuses. Read it, and believe that there is always hope. Read More

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Daar is sowaar geen ander tydperk in ‘n mens 
se lewe waarin daar soveel twyfel en vrees 
bestaan en waaroor daar soveel wanopvattings 
is soos adolessensie nie. Lees meer

There is surely no other time in life with so many
doubts, fears andthe spread of misconceptions
as adolescence, for boys as well as girls.
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Ingrid Jonker - A Poet's Life

One of the most beautiful books to have appeared this year is the richly illustrated INGRID JONKER – A POET’S LIFE, by Petrovna Metelerkamp.

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Based on the lives of Martha Solomons and Harry Grey, this fascinating story was first published in Afrikaans, and was runner-up for the MNet-Jan Rabie Literary Award.

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Die ring deur Truida Heymann

Trevor, a theatrical designer with an ailing partner, is trying to cope with a Grahams-

town Festival theatre production that is going horribly wrong.

Norman Coates’ debut novel is sophisticated, touching and wickedly different.

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Soduku, a wonderful way of developing children’s concentra-

tion skills and logic.

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Die ring deur Truida Heymann

Nicholas van der Swart is a suppressed homosexual from a conservative Afrikaans family which expects him to live a macho life.

When Nicholas is conscripted to do his national service, there is much soul-searching and trepidation as the time to go draws nearer . . .

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Dr Barnard provides an in-depth exami-nation of prostate cancer, its history, classic symptoms, re-

quired screen tests, diagnostic tech-

niques, typical treat-

ments and their associated implica-

tions and risks.

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Die ring deur Truida Heymann

The Big Book about Sex and my Body is a gentle and clear way of informing the young ones about these sensi-

tive issues.

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Let's Learn about Animals, it's never too early for the little ones to start learning how to work with a mouse!

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Die ring deur Truida Heymann

Penstock Publishing produced one of the first full colour coffee table book on Hermanus.  It contains a vast amount of information and beautiful visual material.   Read more

Around the World in 80 Years the well-known food writer Pat Kossuth gives readers a taste of the international recipes she has gathered throughout her extraordinary life . . .  Read more

Die ring deur Truida Heymann

This authoritative history of the Strandveld reads like a thriller, filled with the adventures of its pioneers and the gripping tales of its shipwrecks.  Read more

Marius Diemont delves into the fascinating history of Olof Bergh, one of the Cape’s most colourful pioneers of the 17th and 18th centuries. 
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