Title: A FEAST FROM NATURE – Food Culture of the First Humans on Planet Earth

Author: Renata Coetzee

Publisher: Penstock Publishing

ISBN 978-0-9922219-5-9

Format: 255 x 360 mm hard cover

Pages 232

Price R490,00

 In A Feast from Nature, well-known author Renata Coetzee explores the food culture of early humans, based on her knowledge as a nutritionist. She brings together aspects of archaeology, paleontology, botany, genetics, history, culture and much more, to illustrate how the indigenous Khoi-Khoi transformed natural edible products and developed their own cuisine. While scientifically sound, her latest publication is beautifully illustrated, and far more than a coffee table book. It will also be the first book in South Africa to be printed on environmentally friendly "stone paper”.*

* Stone paper does not use trees, water, chlorine, acids, or petroleum in its creation. It is made from construction waste and/or stone, without using water or cellulose.

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