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Penstock Publishing started out in 2005 as an imprint of Hemel & See Boeke. Today we are firmly established amongst South Africa's smaller publishing houses. 

Penstock Publishing specialise in non-fiction, including biographies, cookery and educational books, but occasionally a novel lands on our desk that we cannot resist.


If a Wicked Man


Author: John Lawson and John Sealy

Publisher: Penstock Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9947138-3-4

Format: 165 x 245 mm softcover

Pages: 252

Price: R250,00


New York Times bestselling author, Anne Perry writes:

This is the true story of how one man, immersed in a world of crime and violence, found a turning point in his life in the most unlikely of places – his prison cell. It was a radical change that forced him to admit for the first time in his life that he was lost and headed for destruction. Nothing fundamental is easy, but this story proves that change is possible, even for those written off by society.

If A Wicked Man is told faithfully, in simple language and with no excuses. Read it, and believe that there is always hope. Read More www.ifawickedman.com


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Title: For Teenagers: 101 Questions and Answers

Publisher: Penstock Publishing (an imprint of Hemel & See Boeke)

ISBN: 978-0-9922219-9-7

Format: 198 x 292 mm, padded hard cover, 64 pp

Price: R170,00 incl.

There is surely no other time in life with so many doubts, fears and the spread of misconceptions as adolescence, for boys as well as girls. And no wonder, because all the changes that occur during this stage affect every aspect of the person.

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Titel: Vir tieners: 101 Vrae en antwoorde

Uitgewer: Penstock Publishing (‘n drukkersnaam van Hemel & See Boeke)

ISBN: 978-0-9922219-8-0

Formaat: 198 x 292 mm, kussing-hardeband, 64 pp

Prys: R170,00 insl.

Daar is sowaar geen ander tydperk in ‘n mens se lewe waarin daar soveel twyfel en vrees bestaan en waaroor daar soveel wanopvattings is soos adolessensie nie. Dit geld seuns sowel as meisies. Dit is ook geen wonder nie, as ‘n mens dink aan al die veranderings wat jy in elke opsig in jou tienerjare deurgaan.

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Ingrid Jonker - A Poets Life


Author: Norman Coates

Soft cover, 257 pages

ISBN 978-0-9921743-2-3

285 x 215 mm Fiction

Price: R140.00


Theatrical designer, Trevor, is drowning under the demands of a theatrical production for the Grahamstown Festival that is going horribly wrong: the leading actor has developed a hip problem and cannot remember his lines; the leading lady (star of the TV series ‘Brit-eish!) is throwing tantrums, and the director has gone missing. Meanwhile, at home, Trevor agonizes over his relationship with his older, ailing, partner.  Life wasn’t meant to be like this.

A chance meeting on the internet  fascinates . . . But who exactly is this mysterious person in the Karoo, with a long beard? Dark desires and dual identities lead to painful, and sometimes amusing . . . conclusions in this sophisticated, and wickedly funny, debut novel.

Rogues to Riches

Rogues to Riches – The Fortunes of 

Olof Bergh and the Van der Stels

Author: Marius Diemont

Hard cover, 81 pages

ISBN 978-0-9870022-7-3

285 x 215 mm Non-fiction

Price: R220.00

Following on his book, The Strandveld – Africa’s Foot of Isolation, about the Cape’s southernmost coastal sector, Marius Diemont delves into the fascinating history of Olof Bergh, one of the Cape’s most colourful pioneers of the 17th and 18th centuries.

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I Hate My Prostate



Dr Marius Barnard

with Simon Norval


Soft cover, 190 pages, ISBN 978-0-9922-1734-1-6

150 X 210 mm Non-fiction



R10 of the sale of every book is being donated to the Cancer Association of South Africa.


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